Never find love

Soon I will be 18 and I have never had boyfriend.I know it sounds stupid to most of you but for me it´s one of the worst sort of pain to just not be loved.I know I´m not pretty,I don´t look friendly and my personality sucks.But the feeling that everyone else had someone who loved them exept me is killing me.It hurts esepcially because I´m a girl.I was told that girls don´t even have to chase guys.That when they want someone they will just get one.But Im desperately trying to make someone be in love with me but everyone chooses someone else over me.All the f**king time.Im starting to feel that I will never be loved.That I will actually be that virgin with 50 cats that will be in this earth just for fun for others.I don´t know how long I will be able to bare this.I really don´t.

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  1. Honestly girl dont sweat it, I use to think like that i had bfs in the past but never actually liked them just felt bad for them. When I turned 14 I got a bf but he wasnt the one who chased me first. The first time i looked at him I was breath taken so I chased after him and at first he didnt look at me in that way simply cuz I wasnt his type when it came to looks but after trying and trying he fell in love with me and lost our virginty togther. If u see someone u like no matter how much u think they are out of league go for it!

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