My friend dumped me

Two years ago, a person on DeviantArt noted me.She said that my art was great I she admired me for that.After a while,we started talking more and we became close friend.I like her a lot.She’s like my older sister and we even called each other sisters,tho we had our own siblings.Then…In mid 2017,she started to reply late and she made excuses every damn time I made excuses too so that she doesnt have to feel bad about it.And never told her that I was expecting her note EVERYDAY and how disappointed I was when she didnt reply me.She meant a lot to me.The first friend I ever had on the internet.In January 2018 I replied to her note and she replied A MONTH LATE.And she didnt even sorry or make an excuse for that.As usual,I replied to it and I didnt a reply…. 🙁

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  1. Well…. when i was ard 12, i was close with my best friend at that point of time. Even after we went go different schools, we were close. We talked on the phone and play games together. I thought we are like friends for life but apparently i was wrong. Contact were getting lesser and lesser and after 3 years, we are like strangers. He told me that even the best of friends will part. It became true afterall.
    You will get over it, and soon this will just be a distant memory of ur life.

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