My Father and I (Part II)

Hi readers! I hope you are fine and in a good health. Well, last time, i sent a confession about my father’s behaviour upon my mother and I. Today, the same thing happen to us. He scolded me and my mother without reason. Ok actually i did a small mistake by parking my car at the wrong spot. We supposedly ate at this one food stall but i parked my car 10 metres from the place because i forgot where the exact food stall is. Then he scolded me. Today, all my sisters visited my parents’ house. He scolded my mother in front of my sisters just because she collected coconuts and keeps them in the kitchen, and all of them were shocked. My mother’s face changed instantly. I hate him now. I dont understand why my mother stays married with him despite of his unpredictable attitude. Sometimes he can be the nicest person you have ever known, but sometimes he can be the meanest, the worst person you have ever encountered. I dont know how to act in front of him as his action is unpredictable. This is mentally and emotionally challenging for me, and i feel like i am mentally abused.

For those who havent read my first confession, you can search an entry entitled ‘My Father and I” on this site.

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