My family problems

My mom dislikes me, she takes her anger out on me and puts me into depression. Every time I’m not with or by my mom I have anxiety attacks I think she is angry at that very moment and when I come home she will take it out on me. I cut myself and cry often. Just now it is 10:45 at night and her and my dad were talking and she states to him “ I just want that little sh*t out of my life “. On the rare times she isn’t mad at me I ask her for a chance to see a therapist or at least talk to a counselor, but this just sends her right back into a blind rage.

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  1. I can relate to what you are experiencing. My mum emotionally abuses me, and makes me feel bad about myself. I feel depressed, and I don’t really talk to anyone.
    You can try talking ChildLine privately, or book a sessio with Listener4You. I have tired ChildLine and it helps.
    Does your dad make you feel depressed with your mum? You can try talking to him if you are confident that he won’t tell every word you said back to your mum. Is there’s any other adults you can talk to, like a teacher, or an uncle.
    Don’t leave it in the dark. Make sure people know- they will give you light.

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