My boss doesnt involve me in projects

I don’t know why my boss never get my opinion or involve me in any of the new projects. I know he doesnt hate me, but somehow he just never fit me in any of his projects. I felt like I am working in silo and never really given a chance to progress. Maybe the problem is with my personality? I don’t know.

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  1. My first suggestion is talk to him directly and say that you feel that you are ready to take on more tasks and wanted to ask if there was anything you can do in the current or next project. (Don’t go in accusing him of not assigning you anything, act more like the eager worker who wants to work hard for the goal)

    If this doesn’t work, then ask for ways to improve yourself; maybe take a class part-time that helps people in your field. Your boss may not be giving you work because he’s not sure you can handle it.

    If his behavior still persists, then I suggest start job-hunting

    1. Thanks for the suggestions. Actually during the last performance appraisal, I told him that I would like to be given opportunity to involve in other tasks and projects (ideally with the guidance of a senior personnel). He was ok with the idea.

      But every time a new project comes in, he overlooked me and I was also a bit hesitant to ask for the job because I felt that I may not have enough experience/knowledge to handle some of the tasks. And it may not be cost effective to assign 2 personnel for a project. But from my point of view, I would prefer to gain the necessary experience by parking myself under a senior so that I know how to do the job better.

      I guess you are right, I think I should voice up this concern to my boss and see if we can come out with a good solution. Thanks again.

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