I stay in my room all day, I only come out to use the bathroom or go shower. I’m so scared of seeing my family members, I’m always receiving negative comments from them. I don’t feel like I belong at this point. Since I’ve been staying in my room all day, I start to become hungry and eventually I starve myself. I got a smaller appetite and only relied on water. My older sister, always barges into my room and scolds me for not eating. But, I can’t help it. When I eat, I began to feel so disgusted with myself and body. I stay in my bed more and stare at my phone screen for hours, distracting myself from the harsh reality. I don’t tell anyone because I am terrified of them not understanding, making fun of me, brushing it off, or ignoring me. At school and to my friends, I am genuinely known as the “happy girl”, when only it was a mask this whole time. I need to get this off my chest and if anyone is reading this, thank you so much <3. Mental health is real, please take care of yourself and others who are in need :).

Sincerely, CAT

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