in the closet

I’m a trans guy who has 3 brothers and one dad so I always get treated like a princess. The fact is, I’m a guy, and my father (who wanted a girl after all these boys) can’t do anything about it. I’m still in the closet tho and I’m scared and kinda sad because I have NO IDEA how he could react to the news and also… testosterone shots get less effective if you start later in life so I have to decide:
-Come out asap and hope that I don’t get beaten
-come out when I’m independent and hope he can lend me some money to start hormonal therapy but probably less effective.

I’d love to come out just to get this thing out of my chest, I’m tired of hiding who I am and I want to get a haircut and maybe a binder if possible but I’m s c a r e d. Ty for reading.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Maybe he’ll mind maybe he won’t, maybe he’ll need time maybe he won’t and maybe he’ll blame himself for treating you like a princess but i think you should tell him. It would be great if he wasn’t homophobic or transphobic or whatever at least you know it wouldn’t bother him as much and Good luck.

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