I’m worried we will break up

My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship. It didn’t start this way, as we met in the same town and have been going out for a few months, but now he and I have gone back to university and so it is difficult for us to meet up, or even call one another, as we are both very busy in our third years of uni. He says that he doesn’t know if we will last, and has not been affectionate in his messages the way he used to be before. My previous relationship was with an international student that I went to university with, and so when he went back home I wouldn’t see him for a while at a time and the time difference made it difficult to call. This is why I’m not too worried about the distance since I have been in this situation before, but my boyfriend has never had this before and I can tell he no longer loves me and no longer sees a future with me. I don’t know how to convince him otherwise, or how to work out to meet him more frequently, since my family are unaware of my relationship and I am unsure how to tell them about it. He and I have had problems before that we overcame but this appears to be the biggest problem of all, and I think he is just going to break my heart. I already cry about it and it affects my mood, behaviour and everyday life knowing that I am clearly making him so unhappy. A month ago I knew it would be difficult when we went back but I had no idea he would take it this way and barely want to talk to me anymore. What should I do?

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  1. Hi,
    I dont know if I´m gonna help you with my answer.To be honest I haven´t even had a boyfriend yet.But i think,this is something that can not be solved by anyone else except you.It´s your time to look deeply into your soul and ask if it´s gonna be worth it.If it will worth the pain that you will go thrgouh,when you will try to hold on to your relationship.If it will worth your time and tears…Because sometimes the only reason,one want to stay with someone is just because you got used to each other,it feels ok to be together and somehow you convinced yourself that this is love but it isn´t.But If you really do love him and you know that you want to take the risk that he might break your heart then go for it.Tell him what you feel and show him that you got something more between each other.Just try to talk….
    sorry if I didn´t help..

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