i’m scared

(tw/self harm) i have self harmed for years now and that’s crazy to me. i didn’t think it’s been so long. somehow i have been able to hide it from everyone around me. i’m afraid to tell anyone what i do to myself. i feel like i’m safe about it. i never go to deep or make my wounds look very obvious or unexplainable. but, because of the way i can semi-control the extent of which i hurt myself i feel like what i’m doing isn’t enough. i’ve read stories from so many people and they all say it got to a point where they made a cut too deep or too obvious to hide. i am so much of a coward that i cannot even hurt myself enough. i know that logically that doesn’t make sense and it sounds cliche but it’s true. i’m not going to start going deeper or anything for feeling this way, but it makes me feel different and weird. i don’t know where this is going, all i know is that i’m scared.

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  1. Hi, although I’m not sure why you self-harm, it is not a good idea to continue to do that. Self-harm can give you temporary relief, but it comes at a cost and it causes more problems for you in the long run such as hurting yourself badly even if you don’t mean to, detrimental effect on your relationships with family and friends because of you trying to keep the secret of self-harm from them, addiction to self-harm, etc. You need to learn other ways to deal with your emotional pain and it is still not too late to stop this habit.

    I found this article online which may be able to help you to cope with self-harm. I hope you read it.

    What it says is that, you need to identify the reason why you self-harm? Anger? Guilt? Sadness? Once you identify the feeling that causes you to self-harm, it is easier for you to come out with healthier ways to cope with your emotions.

    There are many healthy ways of dealing with difficult feelings. Some of the recommended coping technique includes painting, starting a journal, listen to your favourite music or even share your troubled feelings with someone you trust (you can start by talking to an adult you respect). If self-helping is not working for you, you can always talk to a professional counsellor. Coping with self-harm is not easy but it can be done. Just make sure that you are patient and don’t give up easily. There will be a way or someone out there that can help you to cope with self-harming habit of yours. I wish you all the best and hope that you stay happy and healthy in your life.

  2. I can understand. No, I’m not sympathizing with you. I understand because what you do, I have done it too. And I used to feel like a coward because I didnt cut too deep. But I’m in a better place now. And I hope you get there too. Stay in the light. You don’t deserve the pain. You must stop doing this to yourself. You have to fight this. Have faith. Things will certainly get better.

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