I’m hurting

I’m just your typical teen. But yet, I’m also not. I don’t associate myself with my generation. (I’m a high schooler)
I’m much more mature and don’t think like everyone my age. I’m known as the “smart goodie two shoes” who can help you with your homework. I’m basically valedictorian of my class. Everyone else sees my life as perfect. I have the intellect, the friends, the popularity, I’m a great friend, and a great home life. Yet, they haven’t walked a day in my shoes. I’m lost. I’m depressed. I have so much stress in my life. I stress over grades because I don’t want to let my parents down and I just want to be able to have them know that college won’t be an issue for me. I stress over my friends. I don’t have anyone to call “best friend” because it feels as if no one would care if I left. No one talks to me unless they need something or have no one else to talk to. I don’t have the looks to be considered pretty by the guys. I can’t find anything to keep me happy. All my friends from childhood are gone except one and that one is basically falling from my grasp as she know thinks that she’s better than me now that highschool is here. I can’t even show my own goofy, normal personality as it is ridiculed every time I try to let it shine. I wish people knew that my life isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. That I’m hurting. But im scared to show them. I’m afraid that if I do, I’ll be ruined. People will look at me as some statistic (I’m sorry if that hurts anyone), that they’ll think that I’m weird for even thinking this way. I’m afraid that I’ll hurt those that are close to me and just make the situation worse for me. I just wish I could have that life where I was actually a happy, normal, teenage girl who doesn’t think like this. Why did I have to have this life? Why do I have this brain? Why am I feeling this way? I just want to be happy and live life, but it just seems like I can’t.

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  1. Hi,
    I feel the same.It’s like I have been born to the body of a teen but I have brain of an adult.I can’t find anyone who understands me and especially someone who I can talk to.I have many friends yet I feel alone.They are all different.I feel lost in my own head and just don’t know what to do.And I just thought that If you want to you can just give me your email (just create new one with fake name only for this case if you don’t want to reveal who you are )and maybe we can talk and help eachother.I just need someone to talk to and you seem to be in same situation as me.

  2. Hi, due to safety and anonymity purposes, we don’t allow the sharing of personal information such as email on this site. If you guys wish to talk or help each other, you can do it via the comment section here. By commenting publicly here, you may be even able to help others who are in similar situation as you are. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may have caused you, and we appreciate your understanding.

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