I Think I Crushed My Friend

As I said, I think I crushed my poor friend.
Without getting too in depth, I had a small history with his stepmother. Her and I weren’t close or anything, she was just dealing with a lot and I was there to try and listen. It only lasted about a month. One day at a party with my friends, literally days after the last time I saw her, her stepson was getting himself some Pepsi and started talking to me. After talking a bit about his stepmom and her “problems”, we exchanged numbers and started texting daily and talked about normal things. One day, however, he just started acting different. A little while later I learned that his stepmom was doing the whole “Why don’t you act like your friend” thing, and he just texted me talking about how she was crushing his self esteem and she made me seem like this genius and it made him feel like crap.
I’m just so lost.
I’m confused, and admittedly a little hurt.
I’ve talked to his stepmom a little after he stopped talking to me, and she always seems passive aggressive about his attitude and laziness, and then tries to say that I’m not like that, and that he should just listen to me and start acting like me.
My god, just help.
It hurts. And I can’t talk to them about it.
Why me??

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