I need your help

Okay so this is my first time confessing on here and I really need help.
So I have been in a relationship for 5 years with this guy, he’s so sweet and nice and he makes me really happy. But I don’t love him. The problem is not that I can’t tell him, I just need to muster up the courage to do it.
The problem is, we are living together, for a year now. We pay for it together cause I don’t have the money to live on my own right now.
I am finantially depended of him and that really sucks.
Should i wait till I am independed enough to tell him that I want to break up? I don’t know how long I want to lead him on for.. I just feel really guilty and sad all of the time because he’s a good guy and all.. I just can’t be in a relationship with him right now.. I really need your help..

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  1. I may not have the best answer to your question, but if you really feel bad for him, you should let him know that you no longer love him and figure out a way to live on your own or at least live without depending on him. Being with someone you don’t love and feeling guilty is emotionally draining and this could be holding you back from finding opportunities to move on with your life. I know is hard, but there must be a way to deal with your financial situation, such as moving back to your parents’ house or sharing a room with your friends or just rent a smaller apartment. Stop giving yourself excuses why you should continue staying with him. Honestly, since you have some form of income, you just need to spend within your means. Move away from the lifestyle you are used to with his support. Things will come together when you work hard for it. I wish you all the best.

    1. I agree with Anonymous, you should be honest with him and tell him you care for him and love him, but you are not in love with him. Please be gentle and clear and make sure he knows that it’s not a “he wasn’t good enough” guy, but that you simply are no longer in love. And like Anonymous said, trying to economize and move in with friends, or back to your parents’ home, or even find a cheaper place to live. While doing this, maybe consider trying to find a job with better pay, or if you go back to your parents’ house, maybe go back to school at a community college to expand your knowledge

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