I hate my brother

My brother is 6 years younger than me and I hate him since he was born.
I don’t hurt him or anything but I just think that he is a disgusting human being.My parents always let him do whatever he wants and he has become an obnoxious brat.Sometimes he just shouts randomly or bark to show how annoying he is.I can’t stand being part of the same family of his.He treats everyone like if we are thrash,it doesn’t seem that he has any kind of sense for respect for any kind of human being (specially me)
Each word he says,each time he hits me,each time he grabs me,each time he does it all I want is to leave and puke because he ruins the atmosphere just by being there
I just hate him

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  1. I admit I was in a very similar situation, my brother was 8 years younger than me and it seemed like there were different parents raising him. With time I have realized that parents are often much more uptight with their first children than with later ones. Part of it may be that with the first child everything is so new and sometimes scary, and also you have just that one child to focus on. Once you have the second or third not only are you older and less energetic (that does make a difference) but you have more to occupy you, the other children and their lives etc. Not sure if this applies to your parents, but it’s something to consider.

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