I dont know why i feel like this

when i was younger i got bullied really bad, i even considered suicide but then i moved schols and things started to get better. I met the greatest person ive ever met in my whole life at this school. She is honestly the best thing that has ever happened to me. But i have 2 problems and i dont know what to do so i was hoping by sharing maybe idknow what to do. Firstly, ive never had a best friend. like when i was younger id consider everyone my bestfriend but they never really were but now that i have a best friend ive starting to feel something ive never felt before. Id do anything for her cause shje has honsetly saved me so much i love her and sometimes taht confuses me because idk if youre supposed to feel like that for your bestfriend. she also has a dying mom. and it breaks my heart it genuinly does because she doesnt desrve it at all. i dont want to bring it up because idk how to tell her taht she can talk to me about it. I cry every time she visits her in hospital. i have a constant need to look at my phone just in case i get that text. the text that says shes died. My life right now is so fragile and i wanna be able to know what to do so if anyone is reading this please help me.

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  1. Just stay by her side and support her whenever necessary. Tell her that you are there for her if she ever need someone to talk to.

    Even if at the end there is nothing much you can do for her, please don’t be too hard on yourself, because you are doing the best you can, and that’s good enough.

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