hard to swallow pill: you matter less to others than they matter to you

my friends have shown to me that I really am easily replaceable and they all have stronger bonds with each other than with me (read: barley any with me). i’m angry, sad, alone. i’ve cried over this I just want f**k i’m ejjdhhshshs I just want friends they don’t tell me things or talk to me and i’ve never given them reason that they couldn’t talk to me about things i’m left out of everything goodbye i can’t ndkhxhns

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  1. I feel the same. My friends never include me and never invite me to the sleepovers they have or ask if I want to come over to the cinema with them. They have a group chat which I’m not in and they have all these inside jokes that I don’t get. There are 5 of us including me, so when one of them is off sick from school, they act really nice towards me. I feel really used.
    I still sit with them at lunch, because they are nice people, but I’ve made friends with another girl and a boy, and I make sure my friends know that I go to the cinema or have sleepovers or whatever with the boy and the girl.
    They actually confronted me about it, and I told them I feel left out with them. Now I am included and they also invite me when they are doing something.
    Maybe you could tell them how you feel. I hope you get out of this situation because it is the worst.

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