Obviously nobody is getting sent out of the kingdom here, but it’s a metaphor. Recently two of my closest friends and I discovered that one of our friends and ya were drifting apart and had very little in common, so we told her she could feel free to sit with and hang out with a friend she’s closer with more often. Now I feel like I’ve suddenly become awkward and started overthinking things, leading my friends to maybe believe that I’ve been drifting away, yet I think my friends are amazing and I don’t ever want them to get the wrong idea. I feel like they’ll catch something that isn’t there and send me out because of my uncomfortableness following a difficult time in my life. I also have noticed that they’re much more popular than I am and the only reason I’m likely not at the bottom of the food chain at our school is because they’re keeping me afloat. I’m just scared that I’ll lose two of my favorite people and become an unpopular weirdo in the process. -SE

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