Everyone thinks that I’m just the happiest person ever but I’m not…im depressed and I’m just really well at hiding it. Idk what to do with my life….I feel like I’m doing all the wrong things and that I’m worthless😭

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  1. Hi. I’m depressed too, and I know exactly how you feel. People haven’t noticed my depression or self harm. Once at school I left my jumper in my bag by accident and went through a whole day displaying the scratches on my wrist. Lots of people noticed but they didn’t say anything, like they didn’t want to get involved or anything.
    But let me just tell you, self harm is not the answer. I wish with every part of me I had never picked up those scissors, because I rely on it now. It’s like a life source. I can’t go more than 3 days clean.
    It’s hard, but try reaching out to someone. Make sure at least one person knows, or you can talk to ChildLine. I’ve talked to them, and they help a lot. I haven’t told anyone because my parents don’t believe in mental illnesses, so they wouldn’t understand.
    Don’t keep the secret. Tell someone.

  2. I can relate to you I have been in the same state for past several months. People see me and think what problems I can have it’s all perfect but it’s not every day I feel like not waking up like if this can just end everything can end for once

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