Hi. I’m sad. I had a crush. She had a crush. On my best friend. I was not confident. I am still not confident. I am ugly. My best friend is the complete opposite.

I have an enlarged ear, buck tooth, overbite, crooked nose, sloped forehead with receding hairline, face full of acnes, a pear body shaped, short, no eyebrows, dark face with pigmentation, have social anxiety, got called a witch because of my nose, quiet, no sports suitable for me.

My best friend have clear skin, very clear skin, is taller than me, a nearly symmetrical face, fair skin with pink lips, best hairline, slim body, liked by everyone, labeled cute by every girl, funny, play sports.

I wish I was anyone else but me.
I lost my identity.
I lost everything.
I consider myself a trash.

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