for five years now i have been part of my schools band program. Middle school and now high school. My instrument isnt as common as others so i tend to be outcast. In middle school i thought high school would be better and after a suicide attempt and dealing with Anorexia the last two years i thought i was over it. Three days ago, i went to band during NInth period because my bf left me to go talk with someone else. The bell was due to ring in 10 minutes so i went to go put my instrument in my locker, I was yelled at by three french horns and a member of drum line who who in the room while i opened my locker. I dont like attention and i hate being yelled at so i quickly left the room, only for the people in the hall to stare at me as i walked by, some of whom were laughing. I went into my instrument room and broke down, something i hadnt done in months. I thought i was stronger, the bullying i had indured in middle school hadnt stopped, and now there was more of them. My friend and boyfriend came in a few minutes after the bell had rung and wanted to go report it to the directors but it wouldnt have changed anything. My bullys are the top players, seniors, othings gonna happen if i report them, if anything itll get worse. Im no one here, just the Slutty, Sophomore Oboe. I have no one

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  1. I know how this feels. I am also in band. I endured bullying by other kids, especially by my fellow band mates. Aren’t we all suppose to be a team and bring each other up? Trust me, I’m sure you are not slutty and that you are a great person. People are ignorant and rude especially in highschool. I’m so sorry this happened to you. I wish this stuff didn’t happen. I want you to know that you are a brave person, especially going through everything that you have. I care for you and hope that everyone gets better.❤️

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