An artists secret

Im an artist, and I had my work plagarised over a long period of time…

Several years ago, and originally unbeknownst to me, someone had stolen a huge amount of my artwork and gained massive notoriety and made money with it. They got my work published with their name, went to san diego comiccon, and there are videos still up on youtube of fans cosplayed as my characters singing to them. It was homestuck levels of notoriety at the time and interestingly had a lot of fan overlap.

In 2012, when their fans found an account where I shared my work, I was doxxed, had my life threatened, and a friend of mine was physically assaulted by some of their fans…

I was living in a very small town at the time, and it was so surreal going to a convention in the city and seeing cosplayers of my characters in person. (This was during the period of time my account was found but was not yet doxxed.)

i stopped drawing altogether for several years and had my abilities regress to where i currently struggle to make any art. I still painfully lament on the old art I had made, because i still want to create, but its nowhere near where it used to be…

The plagarist’s fans still support them, dispite them ironically disappearing from the internet for a few years immediately after i stopped drawing, and ripping people off that paid for art but she had no more new work to copy.

Shes currently active online via twitter and tumblr, and still gets the same love and admiration (albeit not as much attention since many years have passed) and despite her new art not looking like it “originally”/mine did. (Even some of her fans questioned it, but they just thought it evolved differently.)

a lot of currently big online artists were fans of her/the comic so id have no way of even coming out now without putting myself at risk again.

I still suffer frequent night terrors related to the event, Im afraid to make friends in the art community because I fear they could find out who i am (or was, i suppose) and Im struggling with near homelessness. All while these people that have abused me and destroyed my life are moving on like nothing happened.

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  1. really a tough place to be in. just can’t imagine myself in a situation like this. thankfully my art is not commercial in that sense, for anyone to copy and make a living. hope god gives you the strength to move on.

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