Always alone

I’m 17 and I’ve never been in relationship or kissed.It destroys me when I see other girls going out with their boyfriends and I’m always the one who is alone.Everytime I find a boy who I like,he doesn’t like me back or there is too much of age/distance difference. I feel worthless and ugly.The thing that I fear the most is that it will stay like this forever and I will never find somebody who loves me.

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  1. You will find someone, it’s just that peer pressure and your natural curiosity towards what a relationship is like make 17 years feel like 117. You’re so terribly young! But I can tell you something, as soon as you will start finding boyfriends – and you will – you will get used to it very soon, and forget you were ever lonely.

    Me: first kisses at 19, first boyfriend at 21 (!!!). But after that, a very normal life, with just the right number of partners, two long live-in relationships and several flings. I simply “stopped worrying” after the first partner, and men sense that…

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