A pain

7 year ago when I was sixteen I fell in love with a girl named s***** we have a very true and deep relationship. Life was at is best at it moment at that time untill her parents knew about our relationship but still I didn’t give up on our love. I tried all my best to keep it up and everything went fine after that. It was been 4 years from that incident and our love and bond became more stronger but after all this time one fine day she call me up and planned a meeting for us I was very happy because after almost 8 months i was about to see her but that that she out of nowhere asked me to breakup our relationship for no reason I was shocked by this. After asking her a 1000 times for the reason she never told me any reason. She was crying and just told that she’ll be happy if this happened and told me asked me why did I ever come into here life at that moment I was totally broke but still I wanted her to be happy and bare that smile on her face that I love. So I let her go but after that I lost everything reason to be happy and smile again I even tried to killing my self many times but could not bring my self to do it because Everytime I thought of doing so my mothers face comes to my mind. Now even after all these years I still love I do all the things we do but this time it was only me and by every passing day the pain in my heart increases now a days I just feel that Im not alive anymore… I really don’t know what I want to do sometimes I wonder if ending my life would ease my pain because I don’t have the courage to love anyone anymore to be frank and honest I really don’t even know what I’m gonna do with the life I have….

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