A bit sad for what i’ve done.

I usually am not the kind of aggressive person. Exact oppose in fact. anyway i was having a bad night and i was playing online when somebody (random stranger) just started a very very mildly aggressive “do that and do not this”-kind of chat with me and i was about to curse him but i controlled myself and told why don’t you mind your own business and after a few moment (while i still felt anger within myself) i called him “noob”.
I KNOW this is not that much of an offensive word (maybe not at all. it’s common in online game communities) but i just felt guilty after i finished the game. I thought maybe just maybe he feel a little bad (in any possible way) after i told him that. Then i wanted to apologize him after a few minute and… he was offline! I tried many many ways to contact him and say that i am very sorry for that but just couldn’t find anyways.
At the end I know i wasn’t the person who started it and i know i could do even worse (by cursing him) but i still am a bit sad because that kind of attitude was not right. no matter what.
Thanks for your time.

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