5 years

We’ve been together for 5 years. Since Highschool. Im getting tired of him. I compare my relationship with him with my sisters relationship with her bf. They go out, he has a car, he takes her to beautiful places on her birthday and on their anniv. But me what do i get?? “I ll make it up to you” always those words. He always tell me that he has no money yet he collects toys or actionfigures. He cant treat me on fast food restaurants and in our five years together we never went out on a fancy date. Always commuting and even the commute he cant treat me. Again i have no issue with money but Im a girl i want to be treated somewhere nice atleast one time every year. I dont ask for expensive dates I dont request to text and call everyday but for my birthday and for our anniversarry atleast make the day special. My father is married to my mom for 25 years now and he never fails to take her out every saturday. Even though they are married he makes sure that my mom will only bring herself, phone amd a scarf. Every date night is his treat and every request she makes is granted in a snap. I want that kind of relationahip but I do understand that he cant give me everything I want today but atleast treat me once in a while. Again i dont ask for expensive gift or dates every month or something. I jist want him to make my birthday and anniversarries special abecause I make sure that his birthday is awesome by throwing him pool parties giving him his favorite characters from starwars and everything but when ita his turn to give he always say he’ll make it up to me. He’s my first and I dont think that we will last longer than what we have now….is what im feeling wrong? Am i too selfish? Am i wrong?

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  1. You are certainly not wrong or selfish. It is perfectly normal for you to feel this way. Everybody wishes to be loved and treated specially by those they cherish, and since he hasn’t been treating you specially recently, of course you’d feel sad or disinterested. I think that you should tell him how you feel about the way he’s been treating you and ask him why he hasn’t been treating you specially. If the reason is money then perhaps you can try to find a way to work it out, and have a special date together to talk things over. But, if the reason is something else, or because he doesnt want to, then you can try and talk it over with him, and maybe try to set a goal of having a special date every few months. And if that doesn’t work out, or you think that your love is going nowhere in this relationship, than maybe it’s time for you to split up and move on. Your happiness is what matters the most, and if you don’t think that he can give that to you, or it doesn’t work out, than maybe he’s just not the one fore you. I hope this advice may have helped, though I’m not too experienced in relationships.

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