What’s happening

Hii, I have a lil crush on this girl and well I’m a girl too we have one class together and we are always staring at each other getting nervous around each other, in the hallways we have these long stares that feel like movies but the problem is we haven’t said one word to each other my friend tells me all the time she is looking at me staring when I laugh, put my head down,whatever it is one time I caught her and she turned her head so fast, she also seems to be talking about me with her friend , when I’m at my locker she is always staring at me, she asked my friend about me in the bathroom which is strange if we don’t talk , one time I was absent my friend told me that she was like upset ,the entire period she kept looking at my at my seat and even seemed to ask where I was the next day I came back she seemed really happy when she saw me. But other times I notice she tries to stop looking at me or ignore me

I’m not keeping my hopes up or anything because idek if she is into girls or if she thinks I’m a stalker or something I’m just confused and I just want to hear someone else’s perspective to kinda see what does this all mean and sorry if I wrote to much

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