Staying friends with the ex

I left my partner six months ago.
Simply, the relationship was cooling up, the years took their toll, and I wasn’t romantically in love with him any more.
I do totally love him as a person though, so I tried to make it very civilized. I’m OK if he still calls me every day for a chat. I’m OK if we still go to the movies and gigs we like. I moved, but he does have the keys to my flat – this is not my city, my family lives far away, so I feel safer like this.

But he won’t move on, look around for a new partner, change many of our old routines.

Some friends are worried, they say that this is how women end up getting killed by their exes.

But he’s a lovely person, I do want him in my life, only, not as my partner. Am I selfish? Should I cut all contacts? Am I easing his pain by still seeing him a lot, or am I making it worse?

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