I am sorry cause I am not what everyone expected me to be,sorry cause I couldn’t keep your head held up high like other kids had done for their parents ,sorry for everything that I am not. These days I don’t care about anything. I even question myself that why am I being like this. I rarely talk with people or hardly even active on social media.I am confused.I don’t know where this road is leading me to.I have searched on Google that why is it that I don’t care about anything :it says the answer is depression. Mom you want me to study medical.I know that you’re concerned about my future. But let me make my own choices. When in class everyone tells me which type of doctor they wanna be I listen. when its my turn I can’t see myself becoming a doctor. I see myself as a lawyer. I wish I had enough courage to say all these things to you.I know its too late now you’ve paid the fees for my studies. I just wanted to share my feelings with someone without judging me. I will always love you Mom

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