I’m faking a romance

Most of my friends think I have a romance going on with a certain person. No, I haven’t – the person likes me as a friend, and we do see each other a lot, and we are both touchy-feely by nature (that’s definitely our shared Italian origins, i.e. normal behaviour in Italy but terribly showy or open in the US) , but I am in love and that person isn’t.

There were kisses at the beginning, but nothing more.
But if you saw the carefully chosen bits and pieces I tell or show my friends, or the selfies, or the screenshots of conversations, I think you’d agree the person loves me. And you’d fall for the story that we are keeping it a bit under wraps out of respect for the person’s ex, who was dumped very recently (I’m not a part in this). So we have the “good taste” to not be affectionate in public, because “it’s a small town and we have so many friends in common”, yadda yadda.

This is the second time I do this. I already did it a few years ago, and to this day the world is sure I had a full-on relationship with that other person (which actually amounted to a great friendship and a few instances of fumbled, no-chemistry sex every now and then)

I feel really pathetic.

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