I dont understand my teacher

Im just gonna make this short. I have this teacher who will just show us a powerpoint of a topic and we have to write it down on our notebook, she rarely discuss and when she does I dont understand her, so does my other classmates. I hate these types of teachers, how can a student learn from this way of teaching?! I have a lot of respect to all teachers and I know that their job is hard. Maybe its just me, idk, because if the topic is delivered boringly and confusing, i doze off like a pc on sleep mode and because of that I only understand little infos, dont worry i didnt get caught sleeping in class(cuz im a ninja). I hope this teacher will be more lively, and be like a real teacher. I feel like this teacher has no passion in teaching. k thats all.

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  1. Yes, bad teachers do exist. Bored teachers, teachers who are teaching a subject they’re not passionate about, sometimes teachers who think there’s no point in making an effort because the average results of his classes are bad.
    Study his mysterious Power Points, or study them with someone else, or ask around. The fact that the teacher is bad must NEVER translate into a bad mark for you.

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