I am lost

I am not so rich. But i have a talent. I have finished my bachelors. Thinking to study abroad for masters. but paying for in family of 5 people only my father earns. But i thought to get a loan. I should take a risk once to make my family’s life better. I also wanna do something for my country. I wanna do something huge. Yeah. dreams are free. Every one have their priceless dreams. But this society bound me to not to be rich. Not only me but millions of people like me. just 1 month remaining in getting my degree. Parents saying get a job. But getting a job in this world can’t let us full fill our dream, can’t let us make progress in our life. We be like slaves. How can i achieve my dreams to study abroad? How can i do all of this? Just 1 month remaining. What will happen? I am very very confused.

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