Honest men exist. Damn.

What a strange weekend we’ve had.

Me, my husband, another couple, and my husband’s best friend, who I desperately fancy – and he’s single now. I thought I felt some interest on his side too.

We rented a flat in a nice town nearby, to see the sights.
Because of our job schedules, me and “the friend” were free to get there already on Friday morning. So I said that the two of us could drive up there in the morning, you know, make the big shopping for the weekend, start looking around. The others joined us in the evening.

So here’s me and this man I totally lust after, alone in a nice flat a day. And… nothing happened.
It was a tiny bit tense, but nothing.
Either he never fancied me – and I totally misread the signals – or he simply doesn’t go for the wife of his best friend, because he has principles.

Honest men do exist. Damn.

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