There’s this boy which i consider a brother. His gf isn’t so happy with me being close to him but my other friend ( let’s call her sha) is close to him to and may i add that he liked sha before. The gf and i have been fighting non verbally for almost 6 months. One day, i found out that he said sorry to his gf for being close with me and all that… I was shocked because this whole time he was just faking our friendship. So me being me said sorry and he never once asked me why I’m backing away. It’s been almost 2 months since the talk… He talked to me after a lot of persuading by his and my friends. He just asked if i was angry at him. No i am not angry at you, I’m trying to erase you out of my life so my heart doesn’t hurt everytime i see you. Then he just stopped talking to me, i feel as though he just wanted to calm his conscience. I feel like i was used because the whole persuading me into being his friend again was horribe, i remembered every single feeling i had when we broke our friendship.. I don’t want to feel that again

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