Feelings, feelings, feelings

I have a guy friend. Our relationship is platonic and i already have a boyfriend. But lately, he’s becoming more confident(?) idek how to put it but he said stuffs like “can i borrow you from m/bf/n?”, “m/bf/n is not around right?” then pretending to take my hand to his. He’s also very kind and gentlemen mannered, which makes things really tough. My bf and i have been dating for almost 4 years and I’m an art student so my assigments r a pain in the ass and i hardly have time to spend with him now. This guy friend, my bf, and i r planted in the same community, so we’re all close.

Just two days ago, i ask this guy friend of mine about my campus’ work. He seems to know the subject so i asked for help. We met and had dinner and he payed for my dinner as well and i…blushed? Omg idek. It’s super annoying and supper confusing like could he not be that kind? I hated this feeling because i’m still someone else’s girl. And somehow, i like being with him, i feel comfortable but his kindness r really too much sometimes. There’s a lot more to spill but i guess this will top my night. Please, someone. I just need to talk to someone about this.

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