Don’t Trust Anyone…

I’m struggling to study for my igcse’s because of a memory. There’s this kid called ‘K’ in my music class. This happened for my mocks in november. There’s this guy called ‘K’ who kept on laughing at me whenever he saw me. It made me uncomfortable and embarrassed. After the mocks, we were given our mock marks for music. Since there is only 6 people in my class, my teacher wrote everyone’s score on one piece of paper, and she would approach each of us with the paper. Every single one of us saw each others score. My score was significantly lower than everyone else’s score. K’s score was one of the highest. I was disappointed, but I wasn’t expecting my score to be A* so I wasn’t in completely sad. After that class, I was walking down the stairs behind K and he was talking to a kid in the year below. I quickly realised that he was talking about my score to the kid. The kid replied with ‘That’s so bad’. I was shocked and angry. It was so unfair. K can’t just go around telling everyone my score. That’s just so unmoral and unethical. My grade wasn’t bad either. It was bad compared to other people’s in my class, but I got a A thats not bad at all. So stupid. ‘K’ is labelled as a guy who is sweet and talks slowly in class. He’s not quiet but is in the back all the time. I freaking hate him.

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