don’t know

Hloo life , what are u doing with me huuuuh , when i was just a little girl ,u gave me that worst part which i never ever can’t forget it’s a big troma for anybody life u r expecting me to forget about that all . Ok ok i pretended for long time that nothing happened ,but now it’s my last stage to handle this …. Bcz i can’t be like this forever 😵. For that reason i never feel that i’m normal & can’t live a normal life till now .bcz i’m just pretending to live but i ‘m just Suffering .i really don’t know what to do with this (life). Till when i can be filled with this curse i don’t know but really feel mortal from inside , don’t see my happy face plzz bcs i’m just pretending . And plzz don’t ask me for my happiness czz mortal’s needs nothing ……

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