Do my groupmates even care

Our group project was to make a short film and it will be due in two weeks and we still havent done anything! Im really worried about it so I asked my groupmates on whats the plan. My groupmate aka the leader suggested an idea that our film will be a love story. My other groupmate said that they will make the script. Few days later, still no progress. So I took initiative to make the script and plan when to start filming since theyre not doing anything. Am I gonna be the script writer, director? Plus I’m the video editor cuz they dont know how to edit and VIDEO EDITING IS TAKES SO MANY HOURS, EVEN DAYS, SO TIRING. I AM ONLY A SINGLE PERSON AND THIS IS TOO MUCH. they are all chilling while im stressing here. My health will deteriorate because of this, goshhh I hate this group. They are not even messaging me on hows the script is going. What should I say to them???

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  1. I had groupmates like this before and I know how stressful it was to work on my projects with them. Best if you could avoid forming a group with these people. But if that is not possible, I think the trick here is to set a deadline (which everyone agrees on) in whatever task they are assigned to do and have frequent meetings with them to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Send them constant reminders and calendar invites to make sure that they have no excuse not to do certain thing. If they are still procrastinating and not doing anything, maybe you can consider getting everyone to meet up and do the project together at one spot, surely they will contribute more or less there and it is better than you suffering by yourself. Try not to takeover other’s people job because you will be stressing yourself and you may also run the risk of offending your groupmates. Just try your best to play the role of a coordinator (by right this role should be played by your group leader), get everyone together and work something out. Remember, this is a group project, it is better to have everyone work and suffer together than yourself alone. You can be the final reviewer to ensure everything is in place. Good luck mate.

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