Confused about what my gender identity

So… I’m a guy, in my late teenage years. I was born male, and I never struggled with being male as an identity.
I’m also mostly heterosexual. I’m attracted to women, and am not attracted to the male physique.

But I’m starting to question what I knew about myself in certain ways.
I’ve recently been feeling a desire to be female: Wanting to dress up, having fantasies about being biologically female, etc. The thought of being a woman really turns me on.
I’m not sure what these desires mean for me, whether or not I do something about it, what it could mean for my life long-term, or about anything under that topic, really. I just know that I have these desires, and that they’ve been getting stronger and more common recently.

And yet, I’m still very comfortable with being male as an identity, as comfortable as I’ve always been, despite my desires to appear feminine and/or being biologically female. That makes matters even more confusing for me.
In addition to that, I haven’t been in a relationship yet. I still want to be in a heterosexual relationship with a woman at some point, and I’ll miss out on it if I do transition.
Even if I just start crossdressing, without actually transitioning, I’m afraid it will lower my chances at a good relationship even more, since I’d be even less manly than I already am, and that’d probably be a big turn-off to nearly every woman I’ll ever meet.

I really don’t know what to do or think.
I need some advice.

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  1. Hi. That must be really tough for you to be going through. Have you considered the possibility that you may be genderfluid?. Just a shot in the dark but I hope it at least sets you on the right path to finding out what you identify as.

    Have a nice day

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