ex. hurts.

i got over him. i did. i really did. but still its been a year. today its been a year he confessed. we broke up... Read more

Me and My Stuoid

I have a great friend who has stuck by me by me for 9 years. I am really close with her and I love her... Read more

Getting over him

Hi! just wanted to release this feeling somehow… I’m a 12 grade high school student, well.. there’s a guy that I have a crush on... Read more

How to say this

I think i’m bisexual. In my country that’s mostly muslim, the LGBTQ+ community is shunned by public and is considered taboo, though there are no... Read more

my best friend

so my best friend and i have been friends for around a year and i half now. we’re both female. i’m really lucky to have... Read more

Love kamikaze

I posted here on Aug 24 (“So, is he interested?). Yes, he starts to appear interested. We’ve never kissed yet, but the hugging and touching... Read more