What do i do

Ok so my half brother is in love with me and im not sure why. Im 15 and hes 26 and its kinda weird. We... Read more

i love you, bethany

theres this girl ive known for approximately 3 years now. her name is bethany. and i love her. now, no, i don’t want to be... Read more

Terrible person

I love my boyfriend a look much but I am cheating on him. He’s not big on books and reading and I have a reading... Read more

My sad life

there’s this boy, and I like him a lot. I guess you’d say love. We dated, but I’m shy and was too scared to talk... Read more

what i wouldn’t give…

i have a boyfriend and i do love him; we have similar intelligence, morals, and humor. however, i feel we are more best friends/platonic soulmates... Read more

Your Work Project

Your new work project isn’t that good. It’s trite and derivative, quite ordinary, really. I probably won’t even put it in my resume. So why... Read more


Hey J, I really really really like you. I hope everything goes well for you. I’m really sorry for randomly interfering with your life. Maybe... Read more

Idek man

There’s a guy I like, and he likes me back, but he lives on another continent. He says he just can’t handle another LDR, and... Read more


Sha***, I’m so lost since you left India. This life is becoming hell to think you will never love me back. I don’t want to... Read more