Love kamikaze

I posted here on Aug 24 (“So, is he interested?). Yes, he starts to appear interested. We’ve never kissed yet, but the hugging and touching... Read more

So, is he interested?

Our work together ends next week. As colleagues, he’s been funny, I’ve been nice when he was in trouble (I’m his senior, although he’s older... Read more


Months ago we confessed our mutual attraction (…as if it didn’t show!!! We’ve been metaphorically sniffing at each other for five years now). We just... Read more

love me

i’m so desperate to feel loved and needed i’d do anything to make anyone happy at this point, it’s starting to get under my skin... Read more

Love You

I’ll lock you up in my love, then throw away the key as I want this intimacy between you and me to last for all... Read more