I am Bisexual

I am only nine and have just found out that I am Bisexual and can not tell anyone in fear of being made fun of... Read more

A jar

So many people are depending on me. I let them dump their emotions on me and move on, but I’m left with all the bad... Read more

I’m Scared

I’m scared , I’ve been gay since I was 14 and I have yet to reveal it to anyone other than 2 of my closest... Read more

im scared

tw for abuse and alcoholism I’m scared I’m going to be just like my dad; abusive, cold, getting drunk every other day, controlling and basically... Read more


I have a fear that I’m going to ruin a good relationship. I don’t know really if I love him or if it’s because he’s... Read more

crank call

I made some prank calls to a girl who is married to my brother. I was so jealous on her because she is pretty, and... Read more


I ask people not to touch me. I jump in fear when someone does. I run and hide and shy away from physical contact and... Read more

I’m Pan…

My parents are Jehovah’s Witnesses and I keep slipping up on things and giving hints that I don’t only like guys. I’m not sure what... Read more