I like my uncle

I like my uncle. It’s confusing. He’s introverted, and broody, he’s incredibly funny. He has long dark hair, and so many tattoos. I know it’s... Read more

Love tangled

So I got married and have a beautiful little girl, but I fell in love with someone else a few years before I met my... Read more


Okay, so my life isn’t the best. i have shit friends and my family is messed and i feel sad all the time cuz of... Read more

I don’t fit in.

I feel horrible for beign obliged to be a part of that scary society where they all criticize each other! I don’t know why I... Read more


He was my teacher last year, I became very close to him, he became just like mother, and he’s the only one I can loose... Read more

What I am Doing.

I failed in class 12(maths) and because of that i not got admission in any engineering collage.I was very depressed then my sister suggest me... Read more