I am lost

I am not so rich. But i have a talent. I have finished my bachelors. Thinking to study abroad for masters. but paying for in... Read more

This guy likes me

This guy told me that he has feelings for me, but he has a girlfriend. And she’s one of my really good friends. He’s realized... Read more

Honest men exist. Damn.

What a strange weekend we’ve had. Me, my husband, another couple, and my husband’s best friend, who I desperately fancy – and he’s single now.... Read more

Good cop, bad cop

He thinks I am such an amazing friend (or, he knows I am dying after him but pretends we’re just great friends). He has a... Read more


I’m a black boy and I got harrassed at my local grocery store for well being black. While I was standing in line to pay... Read more

I am better now.

When I was around 6 years old I was… for a lack of a better word… molested by my brother. It happened at least 3... Read more