F**k school

The school I go to is a scam. It presents itself as the pinnacle of learning and enlightenment where students can be who they are... Read more

Knock it the hell off

stop calling me robotic and emotionless and making fun of my extensive vocabulary. I have emotions, but I don’t just display them everywhere. Read more


I gave my all. How could this happen. I need to prove to them that I can do it…… But it seems the world is... Read more

My Abusive Boyfriend

My boyfriend has been abusing me mentally and verbally for the past year and a half. Sometimes I start to forget my name isn’t just... Read more

I’m disgusted

My roommate is a very dirty person and I don’t know how to tell her she’s disgusting without coming off as rude. I went out... Read more

i still message him

my cousin molested me several times when i was younger. we’re not friends on facebook but i still message him hateful things every once in... Read more

No thanks for the help

I spotted the ugly duckling at school really fast. Scruffy, insecure, the perfect victim. I helped with his looks, his humor, his way with girls,... Read more