💔 The Woman’s Guide to Getting Over a Breakup

Getting Over Breakup

So you broke up with him recently? Well, we have all been there and we know how that feels.  Breakups are the most undesirable part of a jovial relationship. They are devastating and shattering in their own way. The repercussions of a breakup are felt even after years and months. We have jotted down few expert tips here that will help you to avoid the negative after effects of breakup and turn you into a stronger woman.

A. Don’t rush yourself in another relationship:

Rush to Another Relationship

Breakups compels you to live in darkness. The hopeless brain can get excessively depressed. But the solution to this is not to move on with another partner as soon as possible. Staying alone or single after breakup gives you the frame of mind to think what went wrong and what needs to be done to not let the similar situation rise again. Therefore, it is better not to search for a new relationship so soon.

B. Cry as much as you want:

It's ok to cry after a breakup

You might hear people saying things like ‘stop crying and be strong’. But actually, crying is very much needed in situation like this. It is the body’s way of reducing emotional stress and frustration. By emptying your sorrowful heart, it would make you mentally and physically stronger to future challenges.

C. Stay busy:

Stay Busy

Get a job or simply go somewhere where you can stay away from all the clutter that has happened. Try to get involved in productive things so that those painful memories can gradually ward off. It takes couple of months to overcome sadness, but that is okay. By keeping yourself busy, you will easily overcome a shattering breakup.

D. Put away all the memories:

Keep Away All Memories

Things that he’d bought you such as teddy bears, gifts, cards, letters, jewelry, photos – you may want to lock them away in a box. Some of the gifts may bring back the good memories you have with him and it will be even harder for you to get over him.

E. Spend maximum time out of your home:

Spend time out of your home

Fresh air helps to clear your head. Seeing the sun and watching the street passers distract you from everything. Moreover, when you stay away from home, there are hordes of things that you naturally avoid.  Spend at least two hours outside your home and take long walks. You can even join gyms to release all the deep-seated frustration.

F. Don’t publicize everything:

Don't Publicise Everything

Don’t post everything on a social media. Who will read all that? And even if some people happen to pay attention, what will you answer? Don’t let people interfere in your life. Let everything happen peacefully and graciously.

G. Share your feelings with your best friend:

Share your feelings with best friends

Talking about what is going on deep inside is something you must practice. Venting yourself of those harsh experiences is the best way to get rid of all the emotional trauma and turmoil inside you. Talking to your best friend can be the most elevating experience for you and the best therapy on earth. Hang out with your friend over a cup of coffee and let them know all.

H. Join support groups or therapists:

Get help from therapist

If none of the above tips works and you start thinking about hurting yourself, please go to a professional therapist. As breakup causes a mental breakdown that makes you impossible to see anything better present in life, it can be really helpful to get a breakup advice from the pros.

Whether you are the dumper or dumpee, mutual or one-sided, breakup just plain sucks. Getting over a breakup seems unachievable in the beginning, but with proper self-care, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.