😢 I’m Being Bullied at School! What Can I Do?

Bullying at School

The issue of bullying at school has been there for a long time and it is not something that only appears on TV drama. It is a serious issue that affects lots of kids. Bullying is an aggressive behavior by a person or group directed towards a less powerful person or group. The behavior of bullying is normally repeated, or has the potential to be repeated.

Bullying can happen to anyone, boys and girls alike. However, some studies found that most bullying incident happened to boys. The research also mentioned that boy victims are normally bullied by boys, whereas for girls, they could be the victims of bullies from both genders. In general, boys are more likely to physical bullying while girls are prone to verbal and social bullying.

Types of Bullying at School

In general bullying at school can be categorised into 5 categories:

  • Social bullying: also known as relational bullying. It involves tarnishing someone’s reputation or relationships. Some example includes: boycotting someone on purpose, spreading false rumors on someone, embarrassing someone in public.
  • Verbal bullying: saying or writing offensive or mean things. It includes teasing, name-calling, taunting
  • Physical bullying: physical harm to a person’s body or possessions. It includes punching, kicking, spitting, breaking things
  • Sex Bullying: sexual harassment related offense. It includes sexual related jokes, sexual related rumors, touching body parts, lifting skirts
  • Cyberbullying: bullying via internet. Some example includes: spreading rumors online, threatening someone via social media, posting mean message online.

How to Deal with Bullying at School?

Talk to Someone

1. Tell your mom and dad about the bullying.
If you are being bullied or harassed, it’s essential to inform an adult immediately. Tell your parents in detailed about the story. Do not hide anything from your parents as they need every bit of info from you before they take any action. Your parents, may then contact the staff at school to try to stop the bullying on your behalf.

2. Report the bullying incidents to school
You can inform teachers, principals or other school helpers about the bullying. They are the people in charge and have the authority to intervene and stop bullying. Normally, bullies stop when a teacher finds out because they don’t want to get in trouble.

3. Speak up
Bullying is not a small matter and it helps if every victim or witnesses of bullying speaks up on the issue. Bear in mind that you cannot tackle bullying on your own. Therefore it is extremely important for you to talk to someone about your experience and gather everyone’s cooperation to effectively deal with the problem.

Avoid the Bully

1. Prevent run-in with the bully
Try to avoid confrontations and avoid him/her whenever possible. Plan your time properly and keep away from routes where you usually run into the bully. But, do not go into hiding or skip classes because you have a right to be at school and enjoy education.

2. Turn off your network
If the bullying happen online, it is better for you to turn off your internet network and relax yourself outside. Take a walk to nature, get some fresh air and calm yourself down.

3. Get a buddy
Two people are stronger than one. Always walk with a good friend or a group of friends whenever you think you might run into the bully. The more friends surrounding you the better it is.

4. Ignore the bully
If you bump into the bully, try to ignore his/her threat and leave the scene immediately. Not responding to their teasing may actually stop the bully from bothering you as he/she is not getting the reaction they want.

Stand Up & Be confident

1. Keep calm
Bullies normally act against seemingly weaker individual and sometimes acting brave is good enough to prevent a bully from targeting you. Stand tall, hold your head high, show them that you are not to be messed with.

2. Do not fight back
Self defense is ok but try not to retaliate or hit back the bully because it may lead to escalation of violence. Someone could get hurt and you may get yourself into bigger trouble.

3. Show Minimal Reaction
Bullies want attention and they will get more pleasure when they know that you are emotionally affected from their actions. Best if you could plan ahead and keep your brain occupied such as counting numbers or sing favourite songs until you are far away from the bullies.

Make Our School Bully Free

Bullying at school is a common issue in many countries. Creating schools that are free from bullying requires collective effort from everyone. Whether you are parents, teachers, school staff, bystanders, bus drivers or victims, all of us have a role to play in preventing bullying. Let’s join the Anti-Bullying Team and say no to School Bullying!