The unprofessional Director

It begins with when applying for a job after a year of jobless. I wasn’t interested to pursue a job that aligns with my diploma. I enthusiastically loved tourism industry. I love meeting with tourist and share many pieces of information about the places they visit. One day, a tour and car rental company called and offered me a job as a Tour Consultant which I differ from my expectations, so I accept the offer and hoping this will be the golden ticket for me to be a Tour Guide one day.

After two weeks of working with them, I got to know the director’s personality. I just obeyed and followed what he wants to promote his tour products and manage to get 2 sales for my 1st month of probation aka job training, during that time it was not a high season month so it’s difficult to get tourist to buy our tour products. What I realize that company was lacking professionalism, not punctual and can’t afford to accept bad reviews.

The director once yelled at his customer, because he can’t handle his customer’s complaint. From what I learn from my mom she told me never once yell a customer and take it professionally. I was trained to be punctual, patients when it comes to servicing customers, but when I heard my director did something disrespectful, I lost my respect to the director.

He always neglects to learn marketing strategies especially for tourism, he is lack of other companies connections cause of his arrogant attitude and very stingy to give sponsorships to any events that might promote his company.

Next, FAM Trip, me and my co-worker already plan to visit an Island to shoot videos and take pictures, we already have a driver but the director cancelled the driver a day before the trip, he irresponsibly gave us a car with rusted brake pad and rarely maintained which can endanger our lives, luckily we return and arrive safely.

After 4 weeks of probations, I have had a bad day with my co-worker but it was already settled, we take the disagreement professionally. And a month of probation, I was super busy to amend their tour system so it will look more professional like the high standard travel agent company while editing the brochures to distribute for the hotels and without resting the director rudely asked me to change the brochure designs. I wish he can ask me politely without ruining my mood, so I change it and give an advice to the director “Next time give me full details for the design because I do not know what you want” he literally slams me with anger.

So I was not satisfied with the way he treats me, I posted something on social media but did not mention him. His wife read it and complaint to him, the next day he sacks me without 24hrs of notice. He told me I was negative and had a quarrel with a staff that was already settled. He told me he can’t keep me here because I’m a bad apple and will ruin the company reputation because of my attitude and didn’t make the target sales last month (I was on the job training how can you expect for me to create more sales if I have no experience) and he literally casting me out of the office while I was handling a customer’s inquiries and wish to proceed the reservations. It was upsetting and rude the way he treats me like that.

I know I was wrong but he judges me as if I was incompetent enough to work with other company. After he cast me out, I go to my friend’s office and cried in front of my friend and told her what happen. And a co-worker called me and wants to give me a ride, she asked me for what happened in the office.

I told her A-Z, she asked me if I posted something stupid on social media, and whether his wife following me, I said YES! She was shocked and told me his wife is a bad apple, and his wife is the main reason why staff and his family had a feud. I was bamboozled and upset how awful his wife slander me until I got sack! I never felt so hateful in my life, but thanks for giving me the opportunity to work with an unprofessional company and I wish you the good luck!

After a day of crying, I decided to write this confession to release my anger and sadness. Hopefully, you enjoy reading it, I’m sorry for my bad grammars and word usage.

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  1. Don’t be sad my friend, it is your ex-director’s loss for not appreciating your contribution. I am sure there will be better jobs and employers out there. Don’t let this bad experience change who you are. Just continue with your good work ethics and you will be fine. I wish you all the best and good luck!

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