My Abusive Boyfriend

My boyfriend has been abusing me mentally and verbally for the past year and a half. Sometimes I start to forget my name isn’t just “bitch” or “cunt.” He’s even hit me a few times. I just suck it up and try to forgive and forget, hoping it’ll get better, but it never does. I’ve been so angry and guilty and mad. I finally decided to stand up for myself though.

Yesterday when he tried to hit me again, I grabbed his balls and squeezed them so hard he threw up. Then I twisted them and pulled them like they tell you to do in all those self defense videos/classes. He screamed so loud, but I didn’t feel any remorse. He caused me so much pain before, and I was just defending myself now. He deserved this. And as far as I was concerned he has no business having any kids if he treats his girlfriend this way, so I didn’t care if I sterilized him.

I kept squeezing and twisting them until he passed out. I stormed out of his house and I never looked back. I didn’t call the police but I probably should have. He hasn’t tried to contact me since. If he tries to I’m going to block all of his numbers and email, and maybe try to get a restraining order. I don’t ever want to see his face again.

Thanks for reading this. I had to share my story with someone. I’m too afraid to tell my family. This has been causing me so much pain for so long, and it’s such a relief to finally free myself from this prison and vent about it on here, even if it’s anonymous.

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