I don’t know what to do

There’s this guy who hates me for no reason. Let’s call him T. I’ve never talked him or anything yet he hates me. I don’t really mind if he hates me as long as he doesn’t talk about me, but even though he knows nothing about me he goes around mocking me about literary every flaw I have. To everyone. He tells my friends that I don’t have any friends in front of me. Or that I’m ugly. Or that Im disgusting. Sometimes, he mocks me and calls my name really loud, when I’m in the same room as him. He makes sure that I hear him. It got to the point that I ran away to the toilet to cry and I missed a class because of it. The teacher even got a little irritated because I missed the class. There was a public speaker that came into lessons to talk about handling stress. During his speech, he told us that there is 30% of people who naturally just like you, 40% of people who are neutral about you and 30% of people who dislike you for no reason. T was in the same room. Just when the speaker says that 30% of people just naturally dislike you, he turned to me and smiled. I don’t know what to do. If I tell the teachers or something I know the situation is going to get worse

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  1. Let me say this; I have been in that situation multiple times and the best thing you can do is tell your friends. It helps to have someone to talk to this about who won’t judge and is on your side. They can also help out by distracting “T” and telling him off, or at least helping you avoid him.

    But this really is harassment on his part, so you should tell your school about this and your parents. When I had a teacher (no joke, an actual teacher) harass me, I told my parents who went straight to the school and worked hard to get that teacher fired (and for the record this teacher was cruel to a lot of students who also complained to the school).

    But I can get why you are worried about the school blowing it up out of proportion (had that happen too), so why not try the avoidance method; it’s where you go to your counselor and say you simply are having difficulty with one person due to conflicting personalities or that they make you feel uncomfortable and ask to switch around your classes. If the counselor tries to press as to why, say they talk loudly and don’t listen to you when you ask them to keep to themselves and that you simply find yourself having trouble concentrating on work. If you make the argument more about school and how it’s affecting your work, then they switch your schedule up for you and you can avoid that person.

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