Friends suck

I’m so sick of always being that friend that everyone forgets about. I’m ignored so much by them…hell, most of them didn’t even speak a word to me since school ended. Whenever I try to talk, I get cut off, whenever I want to hang out, I always have to be the one to ask. I don’t even remember the last time one of my friends asked me to go to the mall or see a movie or even just chill…I have too. And like, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong? I try to be nice and kind to all of them. I make jokes that make them laugh and smile genuinely. But, is that not enough?
I feel like a ghost..something to ignore and it’s killing me inside. I’m so sick and tired of friends that don’t give two craps about you.

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  1. I have friends, but I don’t think they’re genuine, I don’t think they accept me, I’m sure they talk about me behind my back, it’s sad, and it’s my fault. I’m weird, and boring :'(

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