F**k school

The school I go to is a scam. It presents itself as the pinnacle of learning and enlightenment where students can be who they are when in reality it’s a cooperation that profits off of its students. Although academically it produces high marks, it’s only because it puts so much of pressure on its students. Smart are given all the attention and given lots of opportunities but are pushed to the brink of suicide. The kid of was the second highest topper in the world in the 10th grade board exams has attempted suicide multiple times. If you don’t get 90% above your worth less than trash and the school won’t let you forget it. Teachers often bully the students for thier low marks and even if they get better marks they tend to be like “at least you are a less of a disappointment now”. Teachers also play favoritism multiple times. My class mate and I had to write the same paper yet for the same exercise she got 7 marks while I didn’t. The shcool also tends to slut-shame every girl there for random reasons….I asked a male teacher several doubts and sat down with him in lunch and got pulled out by another teacher and got scolded for flirting with him. Speaking of teachers, background checks are rarely done and there are multiple incompetent teachers around. There have been 2 reported pedophiles in our shcool. Evry time inspections rolls around the shcool pulls an act and fianlly makes use of the admittedly amazing facilities it has like the 3D classroom. If you are a child who isn’t pursuing Science stream and instead commerce stream the. You will face . The shcool also has two curriculums in which the international one gets special treatment. IB children have multiple field trips in a month while ISC kids has preponed exams. If you are a creative kid, then too bad the shcool doesn’t give a crap. Any event in the shcool only has the same children who suck up to the teachers every year and they don’t give chances for us. Places like the art, drama and music department are pathetically under budgeted yet expected to reach greattt heights. The career department is the worst. I have missed out on 2 art scholarships that I could have applied for and would have made my parents life much more easier. If you dare criticize the school like I am doing now I will get in trouble. Never have I seen a bitch so attached to the reputation of the shcool rather than the actual learning. Speaking of which the bitch principal is obsessed with presenting this shcool as great and hikes up the prices by 10% each week. F**k my school

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